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I Guess I’m an AuthorTuber Now

Stupid YouTube won’t let me do custom thumbnails yet, but this is how pretty they will be when I can.

Ya’ll probably remember a few months ago when I posted a few mitten knitting videos. I loved making the videos, but I have this problem with knitting for anything but my own enjoyment, so the videos I promised back in December completely stalled out.

That, and let’s be honest. Knitting is a hobby. Writing is my passion. And even thought I need a better microphone and eventually, a ton of better equipment in general, I think you can see the difference in the knitting videos versus my brand spanking new AuthorTube video.

So, while I’m working out the kinks of not whispering and not fidgeting too much on camera, enjoy the refreshing reality of a woman not afraid to censor herself on video.

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