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Happy Friday

It is a little dark and gloomy out as I sit down to write. September’s preview of late fall is here, and it is cool and a little rainy. I don’t know mind at all because I have been making warm things to wear all summer long. Plus, cold dreary weather is a great excuse for a second cup of hot coffee, which I may or may not be enjoying at the moment.

My big summer project was the Terra shawl by Jared Flood. Simple, but so beautiful and warm. Happy Friday!

Friday to me is the equivalent of Sunday for most of the world. It is the second day off of my non-weekend weekend. I love having two days off a week. (This is fairly new to my work schedule.) Having more time away from the coffee shop has been essential with my upcoming trunk show. I am participating in the Handmade Market in October. It is my first ever show, and I have been a flurry of activity getting ready for it.

Eight little Owls ready to be made into four sets of earrings later today. (Sorry about the picture quality, I told you it’s a little gloomy.)

Most of a mitten in-the-works. I have been loving yellow lately. This is factory-dyed stuff, but yesterday I dyed four skeins on three different bases in a range from lemon chiffon to mustard yellow–to add to the already four other skeins I have in my collection of amber-to mustard. This might be like my teal phase from last winter where I tried every shade of teal/turquoise I could think of.

Meet my handy-dandy Singer QuickFix. I love this machine for a couple of different reasons. The first being that it is so tiny that I can shove it to the corner of my desk and forget about it when I have no need for it, but the second I need to mend something, there it is at the ready. The second is that it is just so darn cute (and cheap!). Before you get too excited, let me be clear, this really is just a mending machine. It’s small and pretty powerful, and sews a few different seams, but you’re not going to be sewing any wedding dresses on this thing. I got it because I hate hate hate hand sewing, and since I mostly just use my sewing machine (I have a grown up one too) for mending anyway, this little guy is more convenient than digging the monster machine out of the closet and unpacking it from it’s box, etc. etc.

One could do a some small projects on this guy. Throw pillows for instance, or that One Hour Skirt that was on the etsy blog a few weeks ago. Or you could do a bit of upcycling like I did this morning.

I have a problem with jeans. Being a bigger girl who works on her feet all day, I tend to wear my jeans out just below the crotch where my thighs rub together leaving two holes on either leg while the rest of the pair still looks fine and dandy. And since I usually pay upwards of $50 for a pair of jeans that fits well, I don’t like to toss them once this happens. Thus, I have a stack of holey jeans sitting on my dresser waiting to be repaired in some way. Of course, this particular spot on a pair of jeans is just about the hardest to get at with a sewing machine, and since we have already established that I hate hand sewing, there the stack sits. Until this morning.

I woke up and decided to make myself a skirt out my favorite old pair of Lane Bryant boot cuts.

From start to finish the whole process took about 30 minutes, and I have a new skirt to wear today. It is a little short, but I plan on pairing it with leggings, boots, and a tunic top. Perhaps if we’re lucky, I can get a picture of myself all dressed up before we head out to For Your Ears Only tonight.

Also, I will probably be making a couple more of these skirts from old jeans, so I could be persuaded to put up a tutorial if anyone is interested. Of course, if anyone knows of any good blogs on household thrift and economy, I would love a list of them. I have a few ideas every now and then, like the skirt, but I have to start thinking about these things pretty hardcore soon.

I told my dad yesterday (and he reacted well), so now I can announce it to the world at large.

I quit my day job.

I am not leaving right away. I have to find, hire, and train my replacement before I can officially leave. By Christmas time I will be as my friend Julie put it, self-un-employed.

And I couldn’t be more psyched.

Chalk it up to youthful indiscretion, but I figured if I don’t give writing and crafting a shot now, I never will. I am working on a couple book proposals and exploring the realm of free-lance writing, and working harder than ever on Tiny Dino Studios. I don’t expect it to be easy, though I do expect it to be exhilarating and scary–mostly scary at first, I think.

So, now that I have dropped that bomb, I am off to do my daily yoga and finish that mitten!

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