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Free Pattern: Chunky Baby Mittens with No Thumb

My gift to you on this, the day after Thanksgiving, the first Day of the Christmas season, a new free pattern!

It’s that time of year when I start frantically making sure my family has warm things to cover their heads, hands, and feet, because the weather has decided it’s pretty much winter. Since I have a wee little one this year, I got to make the simplest, quickest pair of mittens there is. Chunky mittens with no thumbs! Just a cuff, and a hand! And on size 10 needles, these little suckers are done in no time. If you have a baby in your circle, these are a super quick, fun little gifts to help keep teeny tiny fingers warm this winter.

mittensforscale With lego rocker chic for scale. Is the axe part of her show? Who knows?

In the pattern, I say to use DPNs, but please use whichever method you are fond of. Obviously, you can see I knit my mittens using magic loop, which has been my default lately, mostly because finding one circular needles is usually easier than four DPNs in the same size.

50g Chunky Weight Yarn (Shown in some old Brachiosaurus Bulky, but Wool of the Andes Bulky would substitute perfectly.)
4 stitches per inch in Stockinette
1 set US Size 8/5mm double pointed needles
1 set US size 10/6mm double pointed needles
Darning needle

Pattern Key
BO– bind off
CO– cast on
K– knit
K2tog– knit 2 stitches together (a decrease)
St st— Stockinette stitch

CO 18 stitches onto smaller needels
Spread evenly over three DPNs. Join to work in the round
K1 P1 for two inches or until cuff reaches desired length
Switch to larger needles.
At the beginning of the next round, switch to ST stitch, adding two sts in the first round for a total of 20 sts.

Knit every round for 3 inches.

Row 1:K3, K2tog repeat around
Row 2: K around
Row 3: K2, k2tog repeat around
Row 4: K1, K2tog repeat around
Row 5: K2tog, repeat around
Pull yarn through sts, and weave in securely.
Weave in all ends.
Knit Two.


6 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Chunky Baby Mittens with No Thumb

  1. At end you have “Pull yarn through sts, and weave in securely” New line “Weave in all ends,” New line “Knit Two” New line “Block” What is the “Knit Two” about?
    Enjoyed, “Lego Rocker Chic for scale” Is Lego Rocker 1″ or 1 1/2″. I was just playing with God children, Addison 7 and Alaina 3 1/2, with their Lego’s. We had a lot a fun. Addison made a Zip line with yarn and her imagination or know how. It worked.

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply.

      I say “knit two” so that you have two mittens, one for each hand.

      I think it’s 1 1/2″, but that’s just a guess.

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  3. Nice pattern, but mine turned out fairly big for my 8 month old grandson. I had looked for a age/size and didn’t see one.

    1. It’s meant to work for 6-18 months. I think my son was about nine months old when I made them. My children have always been large for their age.

      1. Thanks! I realized after that my yarn was actually super chunky, not chunky. So I made an icord, put some elastic in it, and weaved it through the cuff. They stay on fine. Thanks for the pattern!

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