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FO: Fuchsia Socks

Two finished projects in two days, I am blazing! (Which isn’t entirely true, I finished the sweater a week ago and didn’t knit very much as I prepared for the Winter Woolfest. Unfortunate I know.)

Last night I finished a pair of socks I started in October when I was knitting for everyone else I know. I thought I would start myself a little something just for fun. Of course, I hardly worked on them at all. I finished one sock on plane rides to and from shepherding camp in November. The other I knit over the course of the last three evenings now that I am knitting for myself again, leaving only one sock done for months! Three evenings breaks up a sock nicely, leg, heel, foot/toe knit all in different sittings. Plus, I love a good vanilla sock. Stockinette in the round = relaxing, meditative knitting.

The yarn is my favorite workhorse sock yarn, Protoceratops. It’s a practice skein from before I opened my shop when I was experimenting with saturation of hue. I love how bright these socks are. The surprise of color is joy when I take off my boots at night.

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