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Felix is Here!

Felix Edward 04/24/2014 10lbs 8 oz.

On April 24th, at 1:19 pm Felix Edward was born at home after only an hour of half of labor. He was 10 lbs 8 oz and 22.5 inches long.

Felix, four days old
Four Days Old

We are so excited to have him finally. He’s been nothing but a joy.

mama flowers
Flowers to brighten our bedroom.

I’ve been pretty much hanging out with him in bed all week as we spend our days mostly nursing and napping–which is why all of my photos are phone snapshots of questionable quality. I don’t even know where my camera is at the moment.

poster child for the fiber arts
Felix in his handspun cormo sweater and wrapped in a blanket a friend of mine wove. Also, his hat is way too big, but it was cold yesterday morning, and we had a doctor’s appointment.

one week old, in wrap
And this is Felix right now, at seven days old, hanging out in his stretchy wrap while I do some logistical things on the computer.

To tell the truth, after a week laying low, I’m getting a little stir crazy. I’m not trying to do too much too soon, but I feel some fiber work calling my name, and I’m hoping Felix and I can come to compromise on how to get some of that done soon. Most of the time I’m pretty content to sit and stare at him, but unfortunately, that doesn’t put food on the table. I’d like to have the shop open again in the next few days. We’ll see how it goes!

With love from babyland!

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  1. he’s gorgeous!! congratulations!

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