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Last post I mentioned I was headed out to an alpaca shearing. Today, I have the sore body and the photographs to prove it.

Alpaca Shearing 2012

We sheared 24 alpacas. Well, I say we sheared, I mean Paul sheared, and I clipped a lot of toe nails.

And all I can say is thank goodness for Juniper Moon Farm and Shepherding camp. I was the only one (who wasn’t a vet student) who wasn’t reluctant to give the trimming a go. I was excited for it! (A couple of others pitched in when I had about had it, and I appreciate that more than I can say.)

Alpaca Shearing 2012
Here’s a photograph of me all hunched over circular looking trimming alpaca toes. I was pretty darn exhausted by this point, but I am now determined to strengthen the muscles in my hands (and other places) so that the next time it’s a piece of cake.

And just for fun, cute pictures of the pacas.

Alpaca Shearing 2012
Naked pacas

Alpaca Shearing 2012
A reluctant cria named Pixi

Alpaca Shearing 2012

All photograph copyright Scott Wickham 2012

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  1. haha they look incredibly cute. 🙂

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