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Consequences of a Bad Day


Yesterday was one of those all around crappy days. I started off the day by oversleeping. I injured one of my fingers on my left hand working on a treat for the sock club (orders go out later this week!). I am left handed, and this injury was in a place that I knew would make it difficult to write. I made it to work on time, made my first appointment, which was showing some copper pieces that used to be on our capitol building’s dome to an artist. In the process of putting the copper back into it’s super secret hiding place, I cut the palm of my left hand. Now I have two injuries on my left hand, and I am pretty certain I haven’t had a tetanus shot for at least 13 years, which you will note is well outside the range of recommended boosting. And believe me, this copper was on the dome for like 1000 years (that statement might not be historically accurate), it definitely had tetanus and many other potentially-life threatening bacteria on it. So, off to immediate care I go for booster shot. Then it’s back to work where I don’t end up having time for lunch for one reason or another, and my right arm feels like someone has punched me really, really hard.

Fast forward to later on in the evening, I am, perhaps a little feverish from the shot, and am attempting to slice cucumbers for pickles, when the brand new knife slips and knicks two of my fingers, including one of the ones already injured. So, I have three injuries on my left hand and a bit of a fever and a lot to accomplish with Winter Woolfest being on Saturday and all. Feeling defeated, I gave up and spend the rest of the evening on the sofa watching haunted house shows and pouting.

This morning, I still had a fever, so even though I would rather go to work and accomplish something today, I stayed home to hopefully make it go away. I slept until 11. It was glorious. I am doing some light preparations for Winter Woolfest and keeping myself seated firmly on the sofa with my knitting–as pictured.

I have to say, I am loving everything about this cardigan. First off, it’s a wool/silk sock yarn. Nothing not to like there. It’s black, and I always need another black cardigan. I love the raglan increases used. And I love that I will not have to worry about sewing on buttons. I especially like the reverse stockinette styling. It looks so laid back and relaxing. That being said, i will probably knit the sleeves inside out, because the idea of purling two sleeves in the round makes me dizzy, but it will look great when it is done.

sick day knitting

2 thoughts on “Consequences of a Bad Day

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Try to figure out if you got a DPT booster, to see if you’re boosted against whooping cough. Not all the tetanus boosters contain pertussis, but many do, and it will make you feel much better when you see a new baby and want to hold it!

  2. Oh nooooo! I dread having something happen to my hands. I’d be completely paralyzed. Get well soon!

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