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Coming Back to Routine

The holiday season seems to have been extra long. I am not complaining mind you, I love a good party, but when the party has dragged on for months, it is nice to settle back into the every day. I am ready to get back to my daily routines, to feel productive, and to finally kick this cold. (Yes, I am still fighting it.)

On the other hand, Winter Woolfest was so much fun. I had a blast meeting new people and waxing poetic about all things fluffy. I had a really great day, and I bet it was even better if you weren’t a vendor, because you got to go to all the classes, not just the one you were teaching!

Part of getting back into my routine of course means posting all the new items I made for Winter Woolfest that didn’t sell to my etsy shop. (Like the targhee top picture above.) It also means building back up the inventory online, the shop is looking a little small after Woolfest, getting the apartment back in order, and making time for lots of exercise. I am planning to go for a walk as soon as I finish my mandatory morning cup of coffee, and yoga tonight before dinner. Another part of my new routine is taking some time in the afternoon for writing. In the flurry of Christmas knitting that occurred, my writing time got chucked out the window. I haven’t set my word count goal for each day yet. I am thinking 500 to start out, and raising it to 1000 once I am back in the swing of things. I am not sure if that sounds reasonable or overly ambitious yet.

What is part of your new routine?

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