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Colleen Hawthorne does everything right. She got the sensible degree, landed a career in Denver, and an apartment downtown. She calls her parents once a week and visits on Christmas. So when she loses her job and is forced to move back home to Goodland Kansas, Colleen feels like a failure. Her mother critisizing her weight only make it worse. Colleen wants to curl up in bed with the romance novels she loves to read–and occasionally write–but first she has a plan. She’s going to take the freelance marketing world by storm and nothing is going to stop her.

Except maybe the man who broke her heart when she was eighteen.

Court Wright has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s a single father, his mother is battling cancer, and his gym business is struggling. Court is barely keeping the lights on when Colleen reenters his life, but despite everything he can’t stop thinking about her. She wants nothing to do with him, so Court strikes a deal with Colleen, he’ll become her personal trainer in exchange for her marketing expertise, just to keep her close. Will their bargain pay off?


Ethan & Juliet
When Juliet Hawthorne met Dr. Ethan Harvey during her final semester of nursing school, she thought he was hot, but too arrogant to be worth the trouble. Plus she had Rich, the only man Juliet thought she’d ever want. But when Juliet’s world shattered, Ethan was the only one there for her.

Ethan hasn’t let himself think about Juliet for four years. But when she shows up at his hospital with an emergency patient, Ethan realizes that Juliet is still the woman of his dreams, even if she’s about to become a certified nurse midwife. Ethan’s never had much time for midwives, but he’s willing to set his discomfort aside, because she’s exactly what’s been missing from his life.

When Ethan sets out to woo her, Juliet is forced to choose between the career that has given her life purpose and the man she never thought she’d fall in love with.

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The Other Lane
Marla Holt’s debut novel. A modern fairy tale set in Topeka, Kansas where the heroine slays her own demons.

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When Abe Met Lane
A novella prequel to The Other Lane, can be read as a standalone piece or as a companion to The Other Lane to add depth and understand to Abe’s character.

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Sparkle & Shine is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes

f there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s sleep with your best friend’s ex, but three years ago Alex Stafford went there.

And not just once.


For two months.

It is the worst mistake she’s ever made, but she is determined to make up for it. Alex is going to be the best damn entrepreneur, granddaughter, and maid of honor she can be. The only problem is, she’s been working so hard she’s about to crack–and then she runs into him.

Rich Durand has spent the last three years avoiding Alex. She hurt him more than any woman before her–and there have been plenty. A chance encounter with the feisty blonde finds Rich yearning for what might have been and planning for what could be, if only Alex can stop focusing on their past a give them a fighting chance.

This second chance romance features everyone’s favorite character from Ethan & Juliet as she navigates falling love with the character everyone loves to hate. Sparkle & Shine is the second book in the steamy Try Again series, but can be read as a standalone.

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