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…And we’re back!

It’s been nearly six months since I’ve been able to write on here. Shortly after we moved in late July/early August, something went completely haywire with my blog and I couldn’t even log in. What with moving, and throwing a wedding, and finding out I was pregnant all within a couple of weeks of each other, I let it slide for awhile…a long while. I also had a really hard time living in someone else’s house. It was the worst case of inertia I have ever experienced. While I though of countless topics to write about, finding the motivation to even turn my compute on was difficult. I was very uncomfortable with all of my things packed away and living by somebody else’s rules coupled with the lethargy and nausea of early pregnancy, I was completely useless.

The good news is, we moved into our own HOUSE about a week ago, and my blog is working again. It’s almost like magic. (Magic and many hours on the phone with tech support.)

To celebrate, I snapped a few pictures of our new house in the couple of rooms that aren’t still overwhelmed with boxes.

dinning room before
Our first meal in our new home the day after we took possession two weeks ago. We ate gluten free muffins and lattes from the local roasterie, before moving in all of our boxes from storage into the house.

Last Saturday, we moved the furniture. I say we, but I mean my husband and my dad, and a bunch of my dad’s friends. I held doors open and directed people on where to go. At nearly 5 months pregnant, I am not supposed to lift much more than a bag of ice.

I have been hard at work. Here’s what the dinning room looks like after the furniture was added.
dinningroom after

clementines and cherry blossoms

sunflowers in new house
These are some of the tissue paper sunflowers we made for our wedding. I am adding them to glass jars all around the house.

This room, I just started putting together today.
new studio wide
A dedicated fiber room, all my very own in the sunroom upstairs.

new studio
Look at all that gorgeous natural light!

I’m hoping to get back into production soon, but I’m not making any promises. My day job is entering a very busy time, the kind of busy where I’m afraid to commit to anything outside of it. That should start settling down right about the time the baby is due. I am committing to keeping the blog updated. I have a whole house to talk about and a yard that’s perfect for gardening, and hopefully some fibery stuff in there too.

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