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A Little Bit of Baby Sewing

I pulled out my sewing machine for the first time since the move. I put together a simple little baby project from a tutorial I came across on pinterest.

topstitched burp cloths

I purchased a bundle of fat quarters the other day, since I don’t really have a fabric stash–but this project would be perfect for some larger scraps.

Basically, I just top-stitched some pretty fabric onto some (washed) pre-fold diapers.

baby burp cloths

Adding the fabric will allow us to distinguish between the different cloths, which ones need to be washed, etc. Also, like I mentioned on Friday, these diapers will only be used for drools and spit up and general day-to-day baby clean up. Pretty fabric attached = not for poop.

It was really fun to work on such a simple project–and it makes me want to seek out some more to do. Maybe a couple of changing mats and diaper cases?

I have 14 weeks left until the baby gets here, that’s plenty of time, right?

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