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A List of Percentages for Wednesday

1. I am 80% done with producing my new line of self-striping sock yarn.
2. I say 80% even though all of it is dyed and drying because rewinding the last 4 skeins is at least 15% of the work.
3. The last five is photographing and putting it up on etsy.
4. I am exhausted.
5. I finally started writing seriously again.
6. I am at just over 2500 words for three days worth of work.
7. That is 833.333333333333% than all of the other days this year.
8. I am 90% done with writing out a chunky mitten pattern.
9. I am 75% done with knitting the sample mittens that go along with said pattern.
10. I cannot conquer the remaining 25%, which includes decreases and a thumb, until I have had more coffee.
11. I was going to stop by flying monkey and grab some before I picked the kiddo up from school, but the post office took too long.
12. Good news though, I was at the post office, which means I sold stuff.
13. Which brightens everyday by 100% even if it means I have to go to the post office.

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