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PFA news: Anna posted a picture of the amazing felted flower you will be making if you sign up for her classes!

Random Updates:

1. I have been busy playing catch up this week. I am finally, finally on the mend. It is fantastic, but along with it comes the realization of all the things I let slide while I was in the sinus infection fog. Cleaning, taxes, spinning, and knitting commissions.

2. I bought a beautiful batt from Blushing Ewe at WoolFest, which only started spinning yesterday. Then I proceeded to spin it obsessively for the next four hours. I am spinning for sock yarn, so it is taking awhile, but it’s very gorgeous on the bobbin, and when the sun comes up and my apartment isn’t a cave any longer I will take pictures.

3. I also have two knitting commissions, only one of which I have the yarn for. I will, at the very least, wind the yarn today. I have a couple of small projects to get to first, they might be samples for my upcoming classes with the PFA, I couldn’t say.

4. I am excited about my second commission. I am swapping with my photographer friend Julie mittens and a head band for a small photo session for me and Brock. (There are no good pictures of us together.) Plus, I get to shop for some more yarn, which is always a win.

5. I recently purchased some bright orange yarn, which I believe are destined to become Snapdragon Mittens. I am finding brilliant oranges very compelling lately and desire to dye all the spinning fiber I recently acquired accordingly. I may or may not proceed.

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