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28 Weeks

27 weeks
Yes, most of my belly pics so far have been work bathroom selfies, that’s probably not going to change. (Haven’t seen the new Visitor Center at the Kansas Statehouse yet? Well, this is what the john looks like.)

I am officially in my third trimester–which means the baby will be here in just about 12 weeks. 12 weeks! It is simultaneously not enough time to get everything done before baby arrives, and too long to wait to meet this bub while I just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I am still mainly focused on the knitting and sewing I want to do before mid-April, but I can feel the frantic cleaning and cooking needs starting to kick in. Last night, for instance, instead of making great headway on my knitting like I had planned, I spent hours pouring through my cookbooks thinking about recipes and food prep.

Some other fun facts:

-Baby is head down, and I’ve been doing cat/cow pose pretty much every day to make sure (s)he stays that way. (I’m pretty sure that’s a little baby booty sticking out in the photo above)

-Still not finding out if it’s a boy or a girl early.

-Still feeling great pregnancy-wise (while still being in recovery from whatever nasty bug has laid me low for most of the last three weeks. My head and chest are finally starting to feel normal again though!) And baby is super squirmy, which is all good news.

-I am starting waddle. I can’t help it, baby is riding low.

PS, Did I ever mention, I’m on Instagram? Check it out to see all my work bathroom selfies!

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