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A Few Things . . .

1. Last night, I had to pick a new book to read. I had finished one that was fantastic and wanted to start something engrossing and possibly fiction-y for relaxation purposes. (I am slowly making my way through Mythologies otherwise and this book is not pre-bed reading, let me tell you.)
2. I hate being between good books.
3. It is so much more fun to have a book ready to escape into a moment’s notice.
4. Apparently, I am in the mood for rereading.
5. I chose Barabara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which I read about this time last year.
6. I was instantly taken away by her easy style.
7. It’s not fiction, but it’s the kind of non-fiction book that reads like a novel. A love song to the countryside.
8. I wish I could write a sentence using the phrase, “boy howdy” and get away with it.
9. Perhaps if I were really from Kentucky instead of just claiming Paducah as my ancestor’s landing spot.
10. Apparently Paducah, KY is full to overrunning with Holts.
11. I have often thought I should go down there and investigate–find the place where my great great grandfather ran a distillery hidden in his blacksmith’s forge.
12. It’s an amazing story, and I will do it justice someday.
13. For now, I am headed back to school.
14. Hence the reading of Mythologies.
15. I am not really a Roland Barthes kind of girl, but he’s on the reading list.
16. To get a teaching license, I apparently must be well-versed in semiotics.
17. Yes, I am going back to school to become a teacher.
18. An English teacher.
19. Because I already have a degree in English.
20. And this whole working for nothing thing is really starting to grate on me.
21. I know you’re saying, teachers don’t make that much.
22. From where I’ve been sitting for these past few years, it seems a fortune, I promise you.
23. That’s not the main reason I am going back to school.
24. I am going back because I am not good at working from home–it enhances my introverted tendencies.
25. And every single job (besides Librarian) that I might be qualified for bores me to tears.
26. Teaching is something I can see myself caring about for longer than the time it takes me to master.
27. Something I don’t see myself wanting to move on from in 3 years.
28. Which is the amount of time I have spent at every single one of my jobs since I was 16, isn’t that funny?
29. I am still going to do the yarn thing.
30. I know production has been slow the last few weeks.
31. A combination of working a temp job that does not agree with me, and general anxiety about getting through the summer means all I want to do is sit on the sofa and knit and watch bad tv.
32. Which is what I plan on doing today.
33. And laundry.
34.The truth is, I am rather anxious about all of it.

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