Insider Secret: This is a stock photo. I don't use apple products, but it sure is pretty.
Insider Secret: This is a stock photo, but sub google products for apple and an ice coffee for the espresso, and this is my writing set up. I’m even left-handed!

When someone ask you to describer yourself, what is the first word out of your mouth?

Mine has always been writer.

I write:

  • dialog
  • blog posts
  • fiction
  • recipes
  • fitness rants
  • knitting patterns
  • product descriptions
  • web copy
  • retail how-to’s
  • romance novels
  • newsletters
  • linesheets and
  • whatever you don’t have time to write yourself


I specialize in helping creative entrepreneurs and small business find the right words to serve their clients so they have time to do what they do best.


To find out more, visit marladawnholt.com