Insider Secret: This is a stock photo. I don’t use apple products, but it sure is pretty.

When someone ask you to describe yourself, what is the first word out of your mouth?

Mine has always been writer.

I write:

  • romance novels
  • dialog
  • blog posts
  • short stories
  • recipes
  • rants
  • knitting patterns


I have a BA in creative writing from the University of Kansas with emphases in fiction and creative non-fiction. Along with that degree came a love of beta reading and content editing. While I’ll happily edit my own work until the end of time, helping other writers work out their word tangles makes me giddy. I’m a student of Strunk and White, and believe in cutting unnecessary words, writing concisely, and using precise punctuation.

If you would like to work with me, I offer the following services:

Beta Reading
Dialog Revision

Don’t see exactly what you need here? Email me at marla.dawn.holt@gmail.com