Tiny Dino Soapworks


Soap Now Available for Purchase!

About the Soapworks

Tiny Dino Soapworks was born from my own struggles with commercial bath products, a die-hard DIY spirit, and an addiction to handmade soap. I began making soap shortly after my second son was born in 2014 and have developed an ultra-moisturizing, vegan, palm-free soap. Made from olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and always ethically sourced cocoa butter, this is the soap I always wanted to buy but couldn’t find.

About the Product

All my cold-process soaps are vegan-friendly, using olive, coconut, and castor oils, as well as moisture rich fair trade, organic cocoa butter. Lotion bars and lips balm recipes are formulated to love your skin with beeswax from a local-to-me apiary that I know and trust. Always pthalate and paraben free.

I avoid palm oil in all of my products, and know how difficult it can be to find handmade soap that excludes it. Tiny Dino Soapworks is your palm-free alternative.

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