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Sundays are for Swatching

I have felt a bit aimless in my knitting lately. I have been knitting a lot of simple things, stockinette socks, stockinette sweaters, garter stitch bags. While all of them are relatively easy, they are all also relatively simple. I like a good simple knitting […]


I am swatching for a belated birthday gifts. I just bought buttons for it this evening. The buttons are great, the buying buttons at Joanns was not a pleasant experience. It reinforced my dire longing to have a really good local yarn / craft shop […]

Cotton and Cables

A sample of the many things I have up my sleeve at the moment: I spent my weekend swatching with cotton yarn (also known as making washcloths). I am particularly charmed by this lovely newly-hatched-chick yellow. The cabled swatch also makes me wish I knew […]

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