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Mid Summer Pursuits

Did I mention I started a new job? A real permanent job? I honestly can’t remember. It’s a great job with an unambiguous title: Retail Coordinator. And I get to work for Kansas–not the government, which is all around pretty good in my book–but folks […]

In the Works Wednesday

I am back to being an evening knitter–which is strange after spending months with a pair of needles (or a pen) in my hand nearly the whole day long. I have been working at the State OFfice building for the last week. Some of you […]

Good Morning, Zuchini

Good morning, zucchini blossom This is one of the plants that still needs to go into the earth box. Apparently pretty quickly, because it is getting ahead of me. So are the potatoes! I didn’t look in on the potatoes for a couple of days […]

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