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In the Wild

I am not sure how many of you know this about me–but despite my inclination toward loud colors, I tend to be a bit shy. It doesn’t help that I am a little claustrophobic in large groups, but even sometimes in manageable situations, I hold back even when I know I shouldn’t.

For instance, last night I went to a high school musical in a small Kansas town with a friend of mine. She had some business there that day, and I was just along for the ride. This friend of mine currently has pink hair. (I am so jealous). We got a some stares. Pink hair in a small Kansas town is somewhat of an anomaly. So, apparently, are Daybreaks. While admittedly my friend’s hair garnered more attention, my Daybreak garnered at least two, prolonged examining stares.

Daybreak in the Wild

I hope it was the Daybreak. I can’t think of any other reason for random women to stare at my neck. On the whole it was a set of triumphant moments for me. I have a lot of fiber arts friends, and I love them, but I only have a couple of fellow Stephanie Pearl-McPhee definition-of-the-word Knitter friends in real life–people who would recognize the Daybreak and say, “Oh my god, I love your Daybreak!” But I had at least two–TWO–stares that said, “Oh my god, I want to talk to you about your knitting, but holy heck I know everyone in this town and you, miss knitter, are a complete stranger!” They were complicated stares, I assure you.

I love spotting hand-knitting in the wild. Yesterday, it was fun to be spotted. I wish these ladies would have stopped and talked. Not only could I have bragged a little bit about how I dyed the yarn myself, but I really love meeting Knitters. Finding kindred spirits out in the wild really is one of the things I like best about knitting–because more often than not, if you see someone wearing a Daybreak (or other pattern-gone-viral) the wearer knit it themselves–and no matter what else, you know you have something in common with that person. So next time, I hope I have the courage to say, “Have you made a Daybreak, too?” when I catch someone’s eyes glued to my neck.

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Lace Dreams

Back in 2009 when I was first learning to knit, part of my self-imposed knitting initiation was to read the entire backlog of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog, The Yarn Harlot. It was educational and inspiring as a new knitter to have such an intimate view into the life of a rather more experienced knitter. I realize this is hardly an original sentiment, but one of the things that really got my fantasy going was reading about the birth of the Snowdrop Shawl. I would have dreams about knitting lace like that when I was still struggling with understanding the construction of a hat. I knew the snow drops were completely out of my league, but that didn’t stop the dreams. I dreamed I was knitting it, I dreamed I was wearing it, I dreamed of it elegantly draped over the back of my sofa.

I found a lacy beret that was closer to my level and knit that instead. It seemed to take the edge off.

Then two years and some time passed.

In knitting class the other day, I was helping a student start a shawlette (she was using a gorgeous buttery yellow alpaca yarn) and we were talking about knitting shawls and the lace weight yarn I sell in my shop. I admitted that while I had swatched a bit with the yarn before I started selling it, I had never actually knit with anything in lace weight yarn ever. I actually said these words, “I’d love to knit a nice big lace shawl, but the right one just hasn’t found me yet.”

What a fickle knitter I am! I had completely forgotten about the Snowdrop shawl. It wasn’t until yesterday when I moved a hank of lace weight yarn from the drying rack to the “to-be-photographed pile” that I remembered about that shawl so long ago. Before I knew it, I was winding a ball of lace yarn and the pattern was printed and tempting me to cast on.

I didn’t make too much progress what with attempting to remain a responsible adult and all that rubbish. Though, as I knit each row and understand the movement of the yarn more fully, the more I want to work on it, responsibility be damned.

Of course, I noticed on the ravelry forums today that Knit Knit Cafe Podcast has announced their new knit along, and it’s a shawlette knit out of fingering weight yarn, and I know I have the perfect little yellow skein of sock yarn in the back somewhere. So I might get to work on that as soon as I get the other thing off my spare pare of size 6 needles. It looks like it’s going to be a lacy spring.

In the meantime, my shawl is Raveled here
and knit out of Oviraptor Lace Weight Yarn
on size US 6 needles.

What are your knitting plans for spring?