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Silk for Christmas

I received a very generous, very luxurious early Christmas present on Sunday.

A baggie full of silk! Pictured above is a stack of silk hankies (mawata). I haven’t weighted it, but I believe it’s about 40g or so–or a projects worth.

It’s all undyed. I haven’t quite figured out how I might like to dye it just yet. Probably because it’s so much fun to just look at and play with. I couldn’t keep myself from drafting a layer or two.

I now realize that undyed silk is difficult to photograph, but if nothing else, you can see the difference in texture between the the drafted hankie and the flattened one. If the sparkle isn’t hurting your eyes, that is.

Even better than the hankies though is the clump of cocoons.

Tiny bundles of miles and miles of silk, ready to be thrown in the dye pot by the handful.

Then blended wit some alpaca on my hackle.

Thank you C for the lovely gift!

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Projects in Pictures

It has been a long couple of days, so I am just going to give everyone a sneak peak at what I have been working on.

Acquired on my trip to my LYS today:

None of these three things go together, but they all have to do with individual projects. In the plastic bag is 100g of Bombyx Silk Hankies. (A silk hankie is essentially a flattened silk worm cocoon.)  I am going to try my hand at dyeing some. I have 13g stack set to soak over night.  The scary wooden things with the teeth are hand carders. I have been wanting to play with blending fibers and/or colors, but a drum carder (which does a couple ounces of fiber at a time) is so far out of my price range right now it is laughable. The hand carders, while not cheap, are much more reasonably priced, and great to practice with. The pictured needles are so I can knit the sleeves onto my Mondo Cable Cardigan. I finished knitting the body last night.

The Body:

That’s dark charcoal grey in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride. The white you see is Mohair. It’s gorgeous.  (I also might have ordered some mohair locks to play with too, but that was on the internet so it doesn’t count until it shows up.)

And here is the first yarn of the year to have the opportunity to dry on the balcony:

Yes, it is neon pink. It  super fabulous, and it will be up in the shop tomorrow.