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It is simply gorgeous outside right now. It’s 8 am and already over 60 degrees. The sun is out, the trees have started to bud (pictures of the magnolia tree next to the balcony when it’s in full bloom, I promise.) I slept with the […]

On Haitus until June 1st

Here is why: 1. Finish final essay 2. Revise first essay 3. Biology Test 4 4. Biology Final 5. Knit Brock’s birthday socks 6. Continue to cook healthy, homemade meals 7. Don’t neglect sleep. 8. Graduate. 9. Vacation. I have been hunkering down to finish […]

Big Update

I have been working hard over the past few days to build the inventory back up in the shop after my sneak attack. Five new items are up today, and a couple of things that are waiting to dry and be photographed. My favorite is […]

Off Topic

My final semester of school starts tomorrow. I am simultaneously excited and filled with dread. To put it simply, last semester was NOT GOOD. I was not sleeping enough or eating well. I was at work or doing homework all the time and falling asleep […]

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