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Sunflower Skeletons on a Snowy Day

I am not a spectacular photographer by any means, but I work and live in a truly beautiful place. The Kansas Historical Society, location of my day job, is on the edge of town, and we are lucky enough to have prairie reserve as part of our property. We have hiking trails that wind through the prairie, sometime surrounding the hiker in grasses and sunflowers seven or eight feet high. It has taken me six months to remember to bring my camera to work and take some pictures during my lunch-break walk. But it’s good that I remembered today, because we are getting the perfect “White Christmas” snow right now. (It’s a week late, but I’ll take it.)

Tallgrass Prairie. This photo was shot at my eye-level. I am 5’4″.

In August, these were all sunflowers in full bloom. (And it was 110 degrees, so I was not outside much)

Sunflower skeletons covered in snow


A wide view of the prairie and the old one-room schoolhouse.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it’s a good start for you all.