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Happy Leap Day

Shawl fever continues around these parts. I spent most of the day yesterday knitting as I puzzled out the next few turns in my novel-in-progress. Instead of knitting on things I am going to sell at the Farmer’s Market or things I am going to sell in the etsy shop, (like the rest of that self-striping sock yarn that still needs to be reskeined….) I cast on another new project. I mean, it’s not a surprise really, I said on Monday I was planning to do so.

Blog, meet Ebbtide.

It’s a charming little pattern that I am knitting out of a cheerful canary yellow. I am justifying knitting this by telling myself it will be a display piece at the farmer’s market. A “Look what my yarn can do!” thing of beauty–and something to wear on days when it is just a bit too chilly.

I am in love with this color. I called it “canary” when I dyed it, but the more I knit with it, the more it reminds me of Big Bird–in a good way. Yesterday was mostly grey and rainy, so the bright pop of yellow on was exactly what I needed to keep my inspired.

I did a tiny bit of work on Snow Drops.

I don’t think I am completely a lace weight convert yet. I am enjoying it but it still feels so dainty. (Perhaps I need smaller fingers?) Then again, sock yarn felt the same way to me the first couple of times I used it, so I imagine by the time I am finished with The Lace Shawl, I will be able to knit with lace yarn in my sleep.

For now though, I am going to plow away on Ebbtide.

Because it is yellow, and it is leap day, and because I am in a yellow, self-indulgent, leap day kind of mood.

If you wish to behold the awesome yellow-ness of Ebbtide in person, it is what I will be bringing with me to the PFF night tonight. Here is your official invitation.

Open Stitch Night
Potwin Presbyterian Church
Topeka, KS
All fibers and crafts welcome.
No business. All fun.

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New In the Shop This Week

I have a couple new sections up in the Tiny Dino Studios etsy shop this week.

Along with feeling the pull toward lace weight myself, I jumped in and bought a bunch of it to sell!

I am listing two skeins in each color way, which is more than enough to make a sweater. My new lace line is called Oviraptor, after the small, but sharp little carnivore. It is 100% superwash merino wool, and you can feel the strength of this seemingly delicate 2-ply when you hold a skein in your hand. There are 875 yards or yarn per 100g skein! At $24 each, that’s one sweater for less than $50, which is less that I usually pay for a ready made one at the store that doesn’t quite fit properly.

Second, I have new worsted weight yarns, or as we call them, Pteranodon yarns, for winter. I have been thinking for awhile that I would like to do larger lots of my worsted weight yarn so projects other than a hat or a pair of gloves would be possible. I would like folks to be able to make sweaters, vests, and really big cushy scarves or shawls if they like.

My first two colorways are in my favorite of my new winter color stories:

5 skeins (1090 yards) of Sugar Plum

4 Skeins (872 yards) of SemiSolid Teal

Pteranodon yarn is available for $16 a skein, which makes it very affordable. Plus, you get the unique character of building a garment out of hand dyed yarn.

Now all I need are patterns to go alone with it all. Which, believe it or not, I am working on.