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Linen Stitch Scarf, Day 2

The Scarf, Day 2

I put another 7 or 8 rows on the scarf yesterday. It is now a whole 2 1/8 inches wide. I feel very proud.

Part of what kept me from knitting too much on this scarf yesterday was the giant shipment of yarn I received yesterday morning. It included this:

Some bulky weight merino yarn. For some reason, since the fall I have been itching to knit with some good bulky yarn. (That might explain the closet full of commercially dyed bulky weight yarn. . . ) Even though I own plenty of large, cushy yarns in a few different colors, I was still hankering for colorful hand dyed stuff. So, of course, when it came in yesterday, I immediately skeined up a whole cone of it and test dyed a couple skeins in a lovely faded red type color. (Alas, it is winter, and it is still drying.) Today, I have turned my kitchen into a dye factory and am doing up the rest of the cone in rainbow colors. I have red and orange going right now. Look for it in the shop in a few days!