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It’s 5am on a Saturday, and I Have Been Awake for Ages

Good morning all. How are you this lovely, cold Saturday morning. I am sitting in bed, in the dark, because I have very successfully woken myself. The last time the baby woke up to eat, about an hour and a half ago, he woke me up out of the middle of a sleep cycle. To avoid falling asleep while I was feeding him, I started thinking about work–well, apparently nothing gets my blood boiling in the pre-dawn hours than thinking about things I can’t do anything about until Monday.(He, of course, ate and went back to sleep immediately.) Next time, I am going to try to think about something more fun, like flowers or yarn.

It’s November 15th, and for the first time ever, I am keeping up with Nanowrimo. Usually by now I have completely given up on the whole endeavor. My first weekend in November is notoriously busy, and so I always start out the month a few days behind on my word count, and then I never catch up, and by the beginning of the second week I am too daunted by the sheer volume of words I am missing, and instead of writing for writing’s sake for the rest of the month, I just give up on the whole enterprise completely and for the rest of the year the only thing I write are blog posts and grocery lists.

Considering I have a degree in creative writing, this is pretty embarrassing.

This year, I decided I was really going to finish. I didn’t have a story idea until the last minute, and I have done absolutely zero planning. I’ve always been a fly by the seat of my pants sort of writer anyway, so this whole making stuff up as I go along and having no plan is fun. Not sure how much substance my story has, but that’s not the point right now. The point is to write everyday, and that’s what I’m doing.

Only took 2 1/2 years after graduating to get my writing mojo back.

Now that I am writing everyday though, my other work is slowing down a little bit. After finally finishing Brock and Felix’s Flax sweaters last week, I had a small bout of startitis and cast on Wheaton which I think is too gorgeous for words. I am knitting the worsted weight scarf version, because while I think this pattern is stunning, I am also aware that I have a very short attention span for knitting anything that turns out to be a rectangle. But I think a blanket, or even a stole in this pattern would be the epitome of luxury.

I am also working on a pair of mittens for Brock. I am using Skinny Fit Mitts as a template because I like the cable pattern on them a lot, but the pattern was written for someone with tiny hands, so not only am I changing it up by making them flip-tops, I am also having to lengthen and widen the thumb gusset, lengthen the hand and figure my own decreases for top.

And since it is supposed to snow today, I really need to make Felix a pair of mittens. I am just going to use my chunk wool and knit him a pair of thumbless mittens. That should be quick, and I hope to do it this afternoon after I finish my word count.

What are you working on?

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I seem to have a thing for orange

New mitten. New mug.

So far, the mitten is singular, though I hope to make it mittens by the end of the weekend. The pattern is Snapdragon flip-tops by Ysolda Teague. (Yarn is Cascade220 Heathers) I have been playing around with the idea of patterning the cuff of mittens instead of the hand for awhile now. Then, of course, I looked through my patterns and realized these were very similar to the image in my brain with the bonus of a new way to do flip-tops! I do enjoy my mittens.

The mug I snagged at Target last night. There were only two orange ones left, and adopting them seemed the proper thing to do.

It’s finally winter here. So at 7am, it is dark and cold and my photograph is horribly lit. Thankfully, the brilliance of orange seems to be able to withstand the test of dim artificial light and pre-coffee photography.

Happy Saturday!

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PFA news: Anna posted a picture of the amazing felted flower you will be making if you sign up for her classes!

Random Updates:

1. I have been busy playing catch up this week. I am finally, finally on the mend. It is fantastic, but along with it comes the realization of all the things I let slide while I was in the sinus infection fog. Cleaning, taxes, spinning, and knitting commissions.

2. I bought a beautiful batt from Blushing Ewe at WoolFest, which only started spinning yesterday. Then I proceeded to spin it obsessively for the next four hours. I am spinning for sock yarn, so it is taking awhile, but it’s very gorgeous on the bobbin, and when the sun comes up and my apartment isn’t a cave any longer I will take pictures.

3. I also have two knitting commissions, only one of which I have the yarn for. I will, at the very least, wind the yarn today. I have a couple of small projects to get to first, they might be samples for my upcoming classes with the PFA, I couldn’t say.

4. I am excited about my second commission. I am swapping with my photographer friend Julie mittens and a head band for a small photo session for me and Brock. (There are no good pictures of us together.) Plus, I get to shop for some more yarn, which is always a win.

5. I recently purchased some bright orange yarn, which I believe are destined to become Snapdragon Mittens. I am finding brilliant oranges very compelling lately and desire to dye all the spinning fiber I recently acquired accordingly. I may or may not proceed.

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Winter Wear

Winter has finally hit here in Kansas. Gone are the easy midday walks in 50-degree weather, and bundling up against the strong Kansas winds has become a priority. Especially when you are purposefully going outside for a 45-minute walk at least once a day.

My problem comes in not having the correct knitted accessories. I mean, I obviously have hats, scarves and mittens, but none of them are just quite right. Hats are too hot for exercise, all of my mittens are fingerless, and the scarf tails get blown around in the crazy strong wind. Plus, my legs get cold.

To remedy this, I have developed a plan to knit a set of winter accessories just for going on walks.

First, I knit the blue leaf headband pattern. It’s a free download on ravelry, and I literally knit it in two hours. I know a lace headband sounds a little crazy for winter weather, but it’s thick and it covers the ear and the top of the head, so for me it does the job. Plus, it’s something I can wear with my hair up.

(It is very difficult to take a picture of the top of your head, just for the record.)

I am also working on a pair of legwarmers. Brock bought me the pattern for my birthday. So far, I am halfway done with the first. They are knit flat and then seamed. This completely baffles me. As of yet, I see no reason why these need to be seamed, but I am knitting the first one as per pattern and taking the opportunity to practice my mattress stitch, and then I will probably lose my patience and knit the second one in the round. They do however, promise to be warm, and I have just enough left over lambs pride worsted from my Mondo Cable Cardi. I hope they help keep my legs and ankles warm, because the wind blows straight though whatever you are wearing.

Next, I need a functional, not to sweltering cowl that I can pull up to my chin if I need to. Though I haven’t looked for a pattern yet. And I need a pair of mittens. A full set of mittens. I have a design in mind, but I don’t have the yarn just yet. I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for cowl patterns!

What are you working on?

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Hand Knits in the Shop! (finally)

I know I have been teasing since May about working on some hand-knit items for the shop. I shouldn’t have, it was mean, I know. But I finally got some good photos of what I have been working on. This is just one of the items that is currently up in the shop. (And I do take custom orders!)