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Kansas Beeswax

I have mentioned a couple of time that I have been looking in to soap-making, though I seem to be doing most of my ruminating about that on twitter. While I am definitely interested in making soap, that’s not all I’m interested in creating. Learning about oils and herbs and essential oils easily leads from just soap to just overall natural body care.

kansas beeswax

One of the first things I wanted to try using was beeswax. It’s supposed to be very moisturizing and nutrient rich. I’m hoping to try it out in some body butter, some lip balm, and some soap.

Finding a good source for local beeswax is important, since beeswax isn’t really all that regulated in the US. While I still intend to ask around at the farmer’s market and with some local beekeepers, I was able to find a source for Kansas beeswax on etsy.

beeswax cubes
This beeswax came from Hutchinson. It’s golden, firm, and smells divine. Seriously, I wish I could give you this smell. If you weren’t careful, you could mistake it for toffee made with honey, because it certainly looks good enough to eat.

beeswax label
That’s why I’m making sure to store the beeswax in the labeled baggies. Aren’t those bees so happy and adorable?

As soon as my other supplies arrive, the creating shall commence.