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Outside My Window

This is the magnolia tree that lives outside my window. It is in full bloom right now, with barely any petals on the ground. Besides the gorgeous color and pleasant smell, I love how these trees rain down their petals for one or two days […]

I Have Been Listening To a Lot of David Bowie and Other Ruminations

The song “Starman” by David Bowie has been stuck in my head for weeks now, and I have only just got around to digging up all the David Bowie files on my computer. So, my title is kind of a lie, I haven’t really been […]

I Live In Kansas

What do you think of when you think of Kansas? The Wizard of Oz? Tornadoes? Wheat? Cows? Sunflowers? It’s probably something rural, though, right? It might even be something just like this: Or is that picture too hilly? While there are some thing I really […]

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