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Flash Sale!

Take 10% off your entire order from the Tiny Dino Studios etsy site from now until midnight central standard time! Use coupon code DINO10 at check out. Hurry! That yarn you have your eye on might not be there come Monday.

Six Weeks

In my head I am panicking a little bit. I only have six weeks until the Farmer’s Market. I have so much to do. So much to knit. So much to dye. So much to write, sew, reskein, design, package, and display. It’s going to […]

In Which I Make You Hungry

I have a conundrum. It turns out that two of my favorite past-times are vying for the same space. You all know about the dyeing thing. It’s all over this blog. The interesting thing is, that for dyeing one needs some counter space, a couple […]

Greener Shades and Farmers Markets

4 oz. BFL Roving dyed with greener shades acid dyes. Part of the idea of starting my shop was to become a source not only of beautiful high quality fiber, but to also to do that in as an environmentally friendly way as possible.  Because […]

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