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How to “Tie Dye” Yarn with Food Coloring

I discovered a fun new way to apply color to yarn last weekend that I couldn’t wait to share. Tools needed: Liquid Food coloring in colors of choice. (I used the McCormick’s Neon) Latex Gloves Skein of yarn Wast Yarn Vinegar Sink Wool Wash / […]

Linen Stitch Scarf, Day 2

The Scarf, Day 2 I put another 7 or 8 rows on the scarf yesterday. It is now a whole 2 1/8 inches wide. I feel very proud. Part of what kept me from knitting too much on this scarf yesterday was the giant shipment […]

On Haitus until June 1st

Here is why: 1. Finish final essay 2. Revise first essay 3. Biology Test 4 4. Biology Final 5. Knit Brock’s birthday socks 6. Continue to cook healthy, homemade meals 7. Don’t neglect sleep. 8. Graduate. 9. Vacation. I have been hunkering down to finish […]

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