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All I have been doing is spinning and processing fiber. So here’s a photograph of a half filled bobbin on my wheel. I have about 3 times this much spun and am about 2/3 way done.

I am *this* close to being done with carding the dark alpaca. I have about 6 oz. of rolags. (Which may or may not be for sale. . .I have decided yet. It’s very fine fiber, and has trapped some veg matter in there. Then again, could easily come out while spinning. I don’t mind it, but I know some folks get very antsy when they are reminded that their fiber used to live outside and get dirty. Anyone have an opinion?)

In other news, it has been cloudy and rainy here for three days now and I miss the sun. That’s not going to stop me from getting outside for at least an hour today, but just in case anyone who has control over that sort of thing is reading, a little sunshine wouldn’t hurt.