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Magic Potion

We believe in magic around my house. In fact, we start out every day with a little dose of it. Magic beans ground course, brewed in a French press for five minutes and served with a dash of cream is my morning not-bite-your-head-off potion. But […]

In Which I Make You Hungry

I have a conundrum. It turns out that two of my favorite past-times are vying for the same space. You all know about the dyeing thing. It’s all over this blog. The interesting thing is, that for dyeing one needs some counter space, a couple […]

On Haitus until June 1st

Here is why: 1. Finish final essay 2. Revise first essay 3. Biology Test 4 4. Biology Final 5. Knit Brock’s birthday socks 6. Continue to cook healthy, homemade meals 7. Don’t neglect sleep. 8. Graduate. 9. Vacation. I have been hunkering down to finish […]

Forty Things for Monday (A List) or Pea Soup

1. I have been sleeping at every opportunity. 2. That kind of explains why I haven’t been posting anything to my blog. 3.I did bring all of my blogging tools with me to Denver. 4. Put simply, the internet at my sister’s school sucks. 5. […]

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