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Super Secret Christmas Projects, part one

Since I was writing about it all month, I thought I would share what I made my family and friends for Christmas.

A simple 2×2 rib scarf for my brother to use while riding his moped around Wichita in his school (Wichita State University) colors. I did a Fibonacci sequence for the stripes to mix up the colors progression a little bit. Knit out of Patons yarn, the black factory dyed, the yellow hand dyed, held double. Very quick and squishy and warm.

I promised this hat to my step-mother in some distant month, April or May, and finally started finished it this past month. It’s out of an old yarn I had left over from knitting her a scarf, so it should match. I think it’s a Patons yarn as well. I lost the ball band, but from the feel of it, there is definitely acrylic in this yarn, so it’s obviously from the very early days of knitting. It knit up nice, and the hat looks great. These are wonderful colors for my step-mom, and the hat fits! (Of course, I didn’t bring my camera on Christmas, too many other things to remember, so I don’t have any pictures of folks wearing their new knitted goods.) This is the pattern I used. I like it, but I found the child size really fit an adult’s head. Bear that in mind if you want to make one for yourself.

I also knit my dad a hat, a plain almost black beanie, out of Cascade 220 superwash. I finished it right before I wrapped gifts, so I didn’t get any photographs, but I expect you to be able to use your imagination. I improvised the pattern, and didn’t use quite one whole ball of yarn.

In addition to the scarf, my brother was the happy recipient of a pair of hand knit socks out of my very favorite sock yarn, Protoceratops. It’s 100% superwash merino, a 3-ply yarn that doesn’t seem to even need nylon to keep it strong, because I have had socks knit out of this that I have worn hard for over a year with no signs of wear. I thought it would serve my brother well on the moped and in his under-heated college boy house.

(Something you may not know about me: I used to ride a moped, and I sympathize with moped riders during the Kansas winter. It’s cold!)

And just for fun, a kiddo pic.

Athrun, “working on his novel” the day before Christmas. Such concentration. He couldn’t possibly be playing a video game.

I have just been reminded that I have doctor’s orders to take it easy. I’ve had a nasty cold for about the last week. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and found out part of the reason why my face felt like it was eating itself was that I have an ear infection. I know, what kind of adult gets an ear infection? On the upside, I now have medicine, and feel more like I just have a normal cold instead of a face-eating one. I am going back to the sofa to alternate between knitting my newest sweater and reading Death Comes to Pemberley. At least now you know why the writing is so disjointed in this post.

How was your holiday?

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