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Spinning Inspiration

Easter Egg Handspun2
Some of my handspun from last year.

It’s Tour de Fleece time, and again I am not officially participating. I haven’t spun since sometime last winter before I got too big to spin. My wheel is awfully neglected, but knitting on my pogona with handspun yarn has me yearning to spin all of the yarn I knit with. This is completely unrealistic with a newborn around, but a gal can dream.

When I feel the yearning to spin, but can’t quite find the time, I usually wind up browsing handspun available for sale on etsy. The selection is gorgeous–and knowing that I can also create such treasures motivates me to find the time to get my wheel out again. And every now and then, I snap up one of those treasures for myself.

Here’s what I’ve been admiring lately:

This wool and silk blend from blarney yarn

This bulky rainbow yarn from Wool Wench

Pretty much everything from brand new shop Dotori Handmade is absolutely gorgeous.

And these lovely singles from pancake and lulu.

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