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Sparkle & Shine

Coming April 16th, 2019!

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If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s sleep with your best friend’s ex, but three years ago Alex Stafford went there.

And not just once.


For two months.

It is the worst mistake she’s ever made, but she is determined to make up for it. Alex is going to be the best damn entrepreneur, granddaughter, and maid of honor she can be. The only problem is, she’s been working so hard she’s about to crack–and then she runs into him.

Rich Durand has spent the last three years avoiding Alex. She hurt him more than any woman before her–and there have been plenty. A chance encounter with the feisty blonde finds Rich yearning for what might have been and planning for what could be, if only Alex can stop focusing on their past a give them a fighting chance.

This second chance romance features everyone’s favorite character from Ethan & Juliet as she navigates falling love with the character everyone loves to hate. Sparkle & Shine is the second book in the steamy Try Again series, but can be read as a standalone.

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