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In an attempt to shake off this creeping, odious feeling that the University of Kansas is going to swallow me whole before May, I thought I might share some of what’s keeping me going. First off, I am wearing really awesome socks right now. You […]

Autumnal Ennui

It is officially fall, even though in Kansas the temperatures are still nearing the 90’s during the day. And believe it or not, I have been working! But probably not as much as I should have. I finished the wedding afghan, did a lot of […]

And Now, What You’ve All Been Waiting For

So you come to this blog, and I am writing that I am going to start a business selling yarn, but so far, there have been no pictures of yarn, justĀ  a lot of complaining about school. And while school has been an evil dictator […]

I Live In Kansas

What do you think of when you think of Kansas? The Wizard of Oz? Tornadoes? Wheat? Cows? Sunflowers? It’s probably something rural, though, right? It might even be something just like this: Or is that picture too hilly? While there are some thing I really […]

. . .And We’re Off!

Chances are, if you are here right now, you know me. You know me and are wondering what the heck dinosaurs have to do with my fiber obsession. The truth? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just happen to be tripping over toy dinosaurs in my apartment […]

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