Leah Doesn’t Do Religion

Leah Doesn’t Do Religion is a serial novel available through my patreon. For as little as $2 a month you can have a chapter delivered to your inbox every two weeks. BONUS! Get a glimpse behind the scenes at my writing process!

Seven years ago, Leah Ferrer was a happily married up-and-coming lifestyle blogger. When her husband died within a year of his lymphoma diagnosis, leaving her alone with the toddler son, her passion for blogging fell away. These days, she makes ends meet through a combination of promoting other bloggers and bartending.

Being a virtual assistant only reminds her of what she’s not doing. Bartending only brings unwanted attention from men like Shiny Guy and Preacher Man, two friends who come into Paradox a little too often to just be interested in the beer.

Milo Rivera has been married for eleven years, and he loves his wife. He wouldn’t trade his life with Kat or his two kids for anything, even if his homelife isn’t so homey these days. Maybe that’s why he finds himself at Paradox on the nights when Leah works more and more often. It’s easy when it’s a neutral meeting ground for his missions work, but he finds himself tearing his eyes away from the pretty bartender more often than he should. Even if things with Kat are rocky, Milo doesn’t do infidelity. And he doesn’t do divorce.

When their paths keep crossing even outside the bar, Leah makes it clear, she doesn’t do married guys, and she doesn’t do religion.

With the help of a little divine intervention and a nudge from a cheery psychic, Leah and Milo might both find exactly what it is they’re looking for.

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