The Other Lane
Marla Holt’s debut novel. A modern fairy tale set in Topeka, Kansas where the heroine slays her own demons.

When Abe Met Lane
A novella prequel to The Other Lane, can be read as a standalone piece or as a companion to The Other Lane to add depth and understand to Abe’s character.

Leah Doesn’t Do Religion is a serially published novel available only through patreon. Patrons receive two chapters monthly as well as glimpse into my writing process. Visit my patreon page to find out more.

Coming Soon:
Ethan & Juliet
Juliet Hawthorne is a vegetarian, yoga-instructor, and a midwife in training. Juliet is definitely not interested in a relationship, especially not with Ethan Harvey, reformed frat boy turned renowned OB-GYN. Ethan’s had a crush on Juliet since she worked on his ward in nursing school.  They had one night together back then, and for four years, Ethan thought he’d blown his shot with the woman of his dreams. But when Juliet shows up at his hospital with a friend in labor, Ethan’s determined not to let her get away again.