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A Garden Party Under the Big Top?

People keep asking me about wedding colors, and me, being me, immediately don’t know how to communicate all of the things that go through my head upon bringing up these thoughts. I usually end up saying something lame, “You know, summer wedding in Kansas, so Sunflower, which I guess means yellow?” Finally, someone read my mind and put it all into a neat little graphic on pinterest.

It encompasses the garden party aesthetic I am envisioning closer than anything else I have seen–possibly because it wasn’t originally meant for a wedding. And while it involves sea foam, it is not just yellow and sea foam, which frankly, resembles vomit in my head (I can’t explain why), and for some reason seems to be the thing at the moment–at least according to Pinterest. And if Pinterest doesn’t have the pulse of the nation, I don’t know what does.

The thing is, most people ask about wedding colors, and I get the feeling they mean bridesmaids dresses and cummerbunds. Since we’re going informalish, and having no wedding party, there will be very little of all of that. “The colors” I am thinking about are more to set a mood for the day. That I want things to be a little whimsical, a little romantic, a little self-deprecating, and a lot of fun. For instance, I stumbled across this invitation on etsy, which is a little circusy, but also pretty hilarious. Let’s be honest, the only thing that could make this invitation better was if dude had a monocle. (Bonus, the artist is from Lawrence, so local!)

Then, I found this dress.
Which yes, is from Old Navy, and yes, is white, two things I would not have expected for me to want in a wedding dress, but it’s kind of perfect.

So things seem to be coming together rather nicely at the moment. I am gathering ideas and finding some sources of inspiration. I have a great surprise for wedding favors up my sleeve, but I’m not quite ready to share just yet.

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